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Can You Make Money at a Storage Auction?

Across the US, many folks have taken to the bustling business of bidding at storage auctions with the hope of turning a nice profit. If you have attended one of these auctions or seen the crowd that gathers at one as you visit your own self-storage units in Concord, you may have observed the popularity and high-energy of these events. While storage unit auctions can be a bit of a gamble – few allow bidders to spend time perusing the contents of the unit and instead offer a brief glimpse of the front of the unit just before bidding starts – there are a few things you can do to help your chances of making a good bet. Read on to learn some helpful tips for bidding on a storage auction and getting the most bang for your buck. 

Tips for evaluating units before bidding

At most storage auctions, the whole of the unit’s contents are what people bid on and since bidders often do not get the chance to look over the items in a storage unit, it’s important to make some quick, educated guesses about the unit’s worth. For example: 

  • Does the unit appear well organized? If so, the care taken in keeping the unit orderly could indicate more valuable items or at least items that are in good condition. 
  • Does the unit smell musty? If the unit gives off an unpleasant odor, like that of mildew or cigarette smoke, the chances are good that the items will be water damaged or will need repair or cleaning before fetching a good price. 
  • Are the items stored in professional moving boxes? Professional movers can be an expensive service and one not typically used for moving and storing junk. If it looks like the items in the unit were packed and hauled by professional movers, that is a good sign.  

General auction tips

Beyond these ideas for quickly assessing storage units before bidding on them, there are a few good things to keep in mind when it comes to bidding at storage auctions in general. For one, remember to bring a flashlight. Not all units will have a well-lit interior, and a flashlight is crucial in helping you get a good look. It is also important to set a budget before bidding and stick to that budget. You don’t want to get stuck in a situation where you’ve overspent your limit and the items in the unit, for whatever reason, don’t make your money back. 

And if you need a place to store your newly acquired items before appraisal and resale, you can contact Abba Storage today. Our customer service team would be happy to discuss the variety of storage solutions we offer and find one that fits your needs and budget. Whether you want a small self-storage unit or need a warehouse for rent, we can help you get started. 

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Portable Storage or a Self Storage Facility: Which is Right for You?

Many people in the U.S. use a storage option at some time in their lives and have likely weighed the pros and cons of portable storage versus an off-site storage facility. Each storage option offers ways to meet different needs, but one may be better than the other for your current storage situation. If you are looking for self-storage units in Concord and are trying to determine how to best store your belongings, read on to learn more about these two popular options. 

Off-site storage facility

A self-storage facility is a great option for people looking to store their items for a longer time period. The monthly cost of  a self-storage unit is usually very reasonable, and often includes security systems, on-site staff and customer service, and convenient hours in which you can access your unit. Off-site storage facilities can also be versatile in what they help store. For example, some facilities offer contractor storage units for business contractors or vehicle storage like for boats or RV’s. Additionally, self-storage facilities can be flexible over time, allowing you to move to larger or smaller units, depending on your changing storage needs. It is important, however, to find an off-site facility that is easy to access, so you don’t have to travel far or out of your way to get to your unit. 

Portable Storage

Portable storage can be an easy option for people who are moving or only need storage for a short time, as in the case of home renovation projects. Portable storage can be very convenient in a moving process, as the storage container is delivered to your home where you load up your items, and then the container is driven to your new home for you to unload. For homeowners who need to clear a room or section of the house for a remodel, the storage container can keep all the furniture and other home items secure until they are ready to be placed back into the newly renovated space. The timeframe for your portable storage rental, however, should be as short as possible. They are more expensive to rent and should be loaded, unloaded, and returned quickly. 

For help navigating your storage options, you can contact Abba Storage today. Our customer service team would be happy to discuss the variety of storage solutions we offer and find one that fits your needs and budget. Whether you want a small self-storage unit or need to store your car or boat, we can help you get started.

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Abba Self Storage Concord

How to make your self-storage adventure a great one

Every great adventure benefits from thoughtful, thorough preparation and experienced know-how on the journey. Self-storage is no different. Whether you already use a storage unit or are exploring your options for self-storage units in Concord, you too can benefit from these tips for making the most of your experience – before and throughout the duration of your self-storage lease.

Before you reserve a unit…

Assess for security: Be sure to ask about, or better yet, observe first hand the security measures the self-storage facility has put in place. These can range from separate security for each unit and cameras throughout the site, to on-site staff and electronic entry. Additionally, be sure to check your potential unit for signs of water or pest infiltration.

Prioritize service and convenience: A friendly and readily available customer service team and on-site staff can go a long way in making sure your storage needs are met. Also consider the times of the day your unit is accessible to you (24 hours? 9 am to 9 pm?) and if those hours, along with the location of the facility, are convenient for you.

Evaluate price and flexibility: As with any other service, you should take time to research and compare your options. Ask for quotes from multiple facilities and evaluate the terms of the lease for flexibility. You never know when your storage needs will change and you don’t want to be stuck in a contract that doesn’t fit anymore. Furthermore, check to see if the storage facility has a variety of storage options that can meet your evolving needs, such as scalable unit sizes or other types of services like RV, boat, or car storage.

Once you have a unit…

Insure your belongings: Self-storage insurance is a smart idea for everyone to consider. Some renter’s and homeowner’s insurance provides coverage for property that is stored off the residential premises, so it is worth first reviewing your existing policies. If your insurance does not cover your items in storage units, you can ask the self-storage facility if they provide insurance or if they recommend a third-party insurer.

Keep it organized and clean: It is essential for the accessibility of your stored items, and for their protection from damage, to keep an organized unit. You can use water-proof containers and shelves to sort and stack your items and create a color-coding system or unit map that gives you a quick reference when locating particular items. It is also important to regularly clean out your unit so you can make room for more belongings if necessary and you aren’t paying to store things you no longer need.

With this advice in hand, you can rest assured that your stored items will be safe, secure, and well-organized. As you explore your options for self-storage in Concord, contact Abba Storage today to learn more about their storage services and how they can help you on your self-storage adventure. We offer a range of different storage options and our friendly staff is always here to help.

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Storage Unit Supplies Keep Your Items Safe and Organized

Whether you rent a self-storage unit for your personal items or are using contractor storage units  for your business, keeping your items safe and organized it the top priority. Before you begin moving your things into your unit, consider purchasing the items on this shopping list.

Read on to learn about the supplies that can help protect your belongings while they are in storage and some tips for using them so navigating your unit and finding what you need when you need it will be hassle-free.

Your shopping list

  • Waterproof containers: Though cardboard boxes tend to be the baseline for storing things, consider upgrading to waterproof containers for your important items. Sturdy plastic containers offer added protection from moisture and can be stacked to maximize the space in your storage unit.
  • Strong packing tape: Essential for sealing shut your boxes, strong packing tape is a must-have. Be sure to apply several layers of tape to any seams on both boxes and plastic containers to deter pests from getting inside.
  • Colored-dot stickers: Colored-dot stickers are useful for creating an easily visible color-coding system in your unit. For example, you will be able to enter your unit and quickly find the blue dot boxes, which is your color code for office supplies.
  • Wide-tip markers: In addition to the colored stickers, you can further label your items for clarity. A dark colored marker with a wide tip will be the easiest to read from the entrance if you orient your labels toward the front.
  • Plastic sheets: Plastic sheets are great for draping over large items and will help prevent dust accumulation or water damage in the event of a ceiling leak.
  • Large cloth covers: For furniture, soft cloth covers work better than plastic sheets, which can trap moisture and cause mold or mildew damage on wooden or upholstered items.
  • Shelving units: Metal or plastic shelving units make better use of your space and can keep smaller or more valuable items off the floor. They can also help you to arrange your area into accessible rows, so you don’t have to move things around to get what you need.
  • Blank paper: Once you have organized your items in your unit, create a map of the space for reference. If you used a color-coding system, you can fill in the map with the relevant colors and make a key for what each color represents. It may be helpful to have two copies, one for you to take with you and one to leave at your unit. For the map in your unit, be sure to place it in a protective plastic sleeve.

With these supplies and storage facility that prioritizes security, your belongings are sure to be safe and organized. Abba Storage provides self-storage units in a state of the art facility with top-tier security features and offers a variety of unit sizes and climate-controlled options. Contact our storage experts today at 952-969-9222.

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How self-storage can simplify your retirement plan

The golden years of retirement look different for everyone, but for many, they are about changing pace, experiencing different places, and focusing on what matters most. In this pursuit, the transition to retired life offers a whole new set of choices: some of them are more logistical (Does it make sense to move to a smaller home?) and some of them are more fun (Is a boat or an RV my ideal retirement vehicle?). However a person’s retirement shapes up, self-storage units in Concord can simplify some of those decisions and get them on the road to the retired life they want.

Easily downsize

For some people, achieving the relaxation of retirement means opting for a home that requires less maintenance time and costs. Whether that means moving from the five bedroom family home with a big lawn to a smaller space, or foregoing foundations altogether and making a life on the road or the seas, there are likely many items that will need to be stored. Self-storage units are a perfect option for retirees looking to downsize. With the variety of unit sizes available, self-storage facilities can ease the transition from big to small.

Securely keep the important things

Many self-storage facilities feature advanced security systems and options for boat or car storage, so customers can rest assured that their prized possessions are safe. For retirees, this means that the family heirlooms that the grandkids aren’t ready for are kept in a secure place and the restored vintage car isn’t crowding the driveway or unnecessarily exposed to the elements.

Streamline living spaces

In many ways, retirement is a time to declutter and self-storage units can be a helpful resource in streamlining living spaces. For items that are still useful or valuable but not regularly utilized, such as tools, crafts, record collections, or seasonal clothes, self-storage can help organize them while decluttering the home. Additionally, many self-storage facilities have flexible hours and onsite staff to ensure you are able to access your things when you need.

Save money in the long run

Self-storage can save money for retirees in the long run by offering a secure option for keeping important possessions without having to continue to pay for a too-big home and can also protect cars, boats, and RV’s from costly damage. And as the family takes on the heirlooms or it makes sense to sell that record collection, it’s easy to relocate to a more appropriately sized, less expensive unit with flexible month-to-month contracts.

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Storage Organization Tips

How to organize your storage space in 4 easy steps

Whether you have a small unit for your seasonal gear or a larger contractor storage unit, there are multiple benefits to having a well-organized storage space. Instead of keeping a confusing, jumbled pile of your stuff that is likely to get damaged, your storage unit can look more like a organized library of your things, with your possessions well-maintained and easy to access. Here are four steps to creating that more organized and functional space.

1. Inventory

The first step to organization is creating a list of the items you will be putting into storage. This list can help you keep track of your possessions over time because it is easy to forget where you put those photo albums when you haven’t needed to retrieve them for many months. An inventory can also help you itemize what you put into storage for purposes of acquiring insurance for your storage unit. Additionally, this step can help you visualize all the items you’ll be further organizing in steps two and four. It is essential that the inventory be specific, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as a written catalog, spreadsheet, or folder of photos on your computer desktop.

2. Package

Once you have identified all the items that you will bring into storage, the next step is to organize your items into durable packaging. It can be helpful to put like-items into the same box or bin and arrange them, so they are accessible in the storage unit. It is also important that you consider the material for the containers: plastic tends to hold up better for more substantial items and in the event of water damage, while cardboard may be more appropriate for less dense items that can be stored off the ground.

3. Label

Often an organizational system is only as good as its labels. If you cannot read or don’t understand what you (or someone else) put on your containers, you’ll still have to open them all until you find what you’re looking for. Be sure to write with permanent markers, ideally on a durable label material (duct tape is an easy, reliable option), using simple categories anyone can understand, such as “kitchen,” “camping,” etc. It can also be helpful to use a color-coding system to make it even easier to find what you need in your space quickly.

4. Arrange

With the groundwork laid for your well-organized storage space, it’s time to move your stuff into your unit. First create a floor plan that places items you will frequently access toward the front of the storage unit, and bigger, less necessary things toward the back. Shelves can be a helpful organizational tool that not only makes the most of the vertical space in the storage unit but also protect certain items in the event of flooding. It is also important to include walkways throughout the area, so you can quickly and safely get to every item in your unit.

If you are looking for self-storage units in Concord, CA that you can transform into your own well-organized space, contact Abba Self & RV Storage. Abba offers a range of storage services to fit anyone’s needs, from single storage units to car storage to warehouses for rent.

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The Benefits of Self-Storage for Your Business

Abba Storage - Self Storage

Whether you need to find some extra space for your growing inventory or you are looking for a warehouse for rent to store large equipment or machinery, a self-storage facility can offer several solutions to meet your business’s needs. Instead of looking to lease or buy commercial office space, consider the flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and helpful amenities of a self-storage facility near you.

A Versatile Option

Many types of businesses use self-storage to supplement their existing space and business operations. From landscapers and carpenters to retailers and businesses with a fleet of vehicles they need to store, business owners can find a storage unit size and type that meets their needs. This variety of storage options paired with flexible month-to-month lease terms is especially useful for businesses as they scale or expand. There is no need to be locked into a contract for a space that won’t fit in three months.

Making Financial Sense

Self-storage services can also have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line. Leasing or buying a larger commercial office space can be a big expense, and one that comes with additional costs such as utility bills or property taxes. Not only can the monthly rental of a self-storage unit be less than that of an office space lease, you can also avoid those additional costs while still enjoying greater organization and the security of your business’s stored items. What’s more, the flexibility of self-storage has concrete financial outcomes. When your business is able to use only the space it needs as it needs it, you can save on unnecessary expenses.

Premier Features

Self-storage facilities can also offer beneficial amenities for their units. One of the prime features of self-storage is the caliber of security they provide. Many have a gated perimeter with secured access, surveillance cameras and alarms, on-site staff overseeing the facility, and well-lit exterior and interior spaces. In addition to these security features, self-storage facilities also offer climate-controlled units, fire-mitigation systems, and convenient access options so you can get to your unit when you need.

No matter if you are growing, relocating, or simply looking to better organize your space, self-storage can benefit your business. If you are looking for self-storage in Concord, CA, contact Abba Self-Storage and their team can explore the storage solutions that make sense for your business.

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Are my stored items covered by insurance?

Abba Storage-Self Storage

For most people, self-service storage units are a secure place to store valuable possessions. Whether they want to store an antique collection or require car storage, the goal is to keep the items protected. However, unlike other valuables and assets, items kept in storage may not be covered by typical insurance policies and lack that additional layer of protection. If you are considering a self-storage solution, it may be beneficial to also consider verifying or obtaining insurance coverage.

Check your current policy

Accidents, crime, and natural disasters happen to everyone. We use insurance to help us recover losses when something unfortunate impacts us and our property. In the case of stored items, your existing home or renters’ insurance policy may cover them. You will need to ask if items that are not located at the main residence are covered. If they are not, most insurance agencies can extend your coverage with storage insurance. This subset of insurance coverage can help in the event of personal property damage, natural disasters, or theft if it occurs at your self-storage unit.

Look into alternative insurance providers

If your current home or renter’s insurance agency will not extend your coverage to your items that are stored off-site at a storage facility, or you don’t already have one of these forms of insurance, it is worthwhile to research agencies that provide storage insurance. If you are not sure where to start, the storage facility may have recommendations they have learned from other self-storage users, or they may offer storage insurance through their operations.

Storage options near you

Whether you are in the market for self-storage, auto storage, or a warehouse for rent in Concord, CA, Abba Storage offers a variety of safe and secure storage solutions. With multiple unit sizes and great prices, their team of professionals can work with you to meet your storage needs. Call today at 925-969-9222 to discuss your options.

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Helpful Supplies for Organizing and Damage-Proofing Your Storage Unit

There are few approaches to keeping storage units organized. Instead of simply throwing your items in a storage unit, you can store your belongings orderly for safekeeping. The supplies you use will help you to prepare and place your items in your newly rented space. A little planning at the beginning and a few key supplies can go a long way to make it easier to access everything in your unit for the duration of your rental and to eventually move all your belongings out in an organized fashion when you no longer need self-storage services.  

Packing before you move in 

Four simple items that can be found at any packaging or office supply store can help organize your move in process: colored dot stickers, blank paper, sturdy waterproof boxes or containers, and markers. To begin, use the blank paper and markers to make a layout of your storage unit and plot the placement of your items. It is often helpful to place the items you will need to access more frequently toward the front of the unit and items you will not need, like furniture, toward the back. Next, create a color-coding system that groups your belongings and will make it easy for you to identify the contents of a box without needing to open it. For example, you might use pink dots for kitchen items, red dots for important papers, and green dots for items you will need to find easily. Pack your items in like groups in your waterproof containers and label them with the appropriate dot sticker.   

When you’re in your unit 

Though you’ve taken precautions to ensure the self-storage facility isn’t in a flood plain and your unit has no structural damage, it’s best to come prepared so you can safely store your important items, records and documents. For this reason, there are four more essential supplies you can purchase for safely storing your belongings: plastic sheets, metal or plastic shelving units, large soft cloth covers, and strong packing tape. In order to avoid the potential for water damage, you can keep your smaller boxes off the ground and organize them on the shelving units, colored-dot facing the entrance. It is also a good idea to thoroughly tape up your boxes with the packing tape to deter pests from finding a way in and making a home out of your valuable belongings. The plastic sheets offer another layer of protection and can be draped over the shelves and boxes. For furniture, it is better to cover them with soft cloths to reduce the risk of trapped moisture leading to mold or mildew growth. After using whatever combination of these strategies best suits your storage needs, you can rest easy that your belongings will be safe and organized in your unit. 

Abba Storage can assist you with all of your storage unit needs. Our state of the art storage facility includes a range of security measures to keep your belongings safe. We offer a variety of sizes and options including air-cooled spaces. Contact our storage experts today at 925-969-9222.

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College Students and Self Storage

College Students and Self Storage

As a college student, you may have previously thought of self-storage units only in the context of your grandmother’s antique collection or your parent’s RV. These are, of course, common reasons a person would use a self-storage facility; however, considering a unit of your own may also be a smart choice. There are multiple helpful uses for self-storage for college students, and most self-storage facilities offer flexible storage solutions that can meet the fluctuating needs of a person on a university schedule and budget.

The What and Why of Self-Storage

College years are often characterized by constant change: in class schedules, in living arrangements, even in the campuses you attend. All of that flux can make it difficult to maintain your possessions in an accessible and secure place. And by the end of just freshman year, you have more than a few possessions. Many students find themselves with a pile of expensive books and electronics, like mini-fridges and microwaves, along with furniture items like much-loved couches and often-used desks. When leaving for summer break,  switching between on and off campus housing, or while studying for a semester abroad, it can be helpful to use a storage facility near campus to keep your things until you have a new home to put them in.


Self-storage facilities often have multiple unit sizes to choose from, so you don’t have to pay for more than your need; offer flexible access hours, so you can get to your stuff when you need; and provide advanced security, so you can trust that your stuff is safe. With your things skillfully stored in your unit, you don’t have to seasonally liquidate all your belongings or worry about trucking your worldly possessions from your dorm to parent’s home and back again, every year, anymore.

The Who and How of Self-Storage

When choosing a self-storage facility, be sure to find one that fits your needs. Can you access them easily from campus? Do they have short-term leases that accommodate your semester or summer break schedule? And lastly, do they have solid customer service that is compatible with the methods of communication and rental payment you are most likely to use? Once you’ve found a good fit, getting started with a storage facility is easy. Contact Abba Self & RV Storage in Concord to secure the right unit and contract for you.

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