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Building contractors require a lot of tools, gear, and materials to get each job done right and on schedule. Keeping all this equipment in contractor storage units, like those from Abba Self & RV Storage, can help contractors become more efficient in moving equipment to and from job sites.

Landscapers, painters, HVAC technicians, electricians, plumbers, general contractors, cleaning companies, and many other types of contractors can benefit from using a storage unit to securely store tools and materials. Each specialty has its own equipment and expertise, and every contractor wants to load up and leave the job site at the end of the day. All that equipment needs a place to stay that’s safe, convenient, and cost-effective.

Contractor Storage Advantages

While your day-to-day equipment on any project as a contractor may stay in your truck, what can really help you save time is conveniently storing the gear you don’t need today and keeping all your equipment organized. It’s easy to remember where the tools you used 20 minutes ago are in your truck, but it’s more difficult to find the tool that you have not used since the last similar project a few months ago. That’s where self-storage units become an advantage to your business. All of your equipment, including vehicles, can have a place, making it simple to organize and store materialsas well as retrieve them as needed. As you transition to different projects throughout the seasons, your storage unit can easily manage everything you need. That way your entire family can also fit in your truck—not just your tools.

Contractor Storage Options

A self-storage unit is a more economical and flexible option than an industrial space or building your own shed. Unlike your own shed, a self-storage unit is monitored by security 24/7, keeping all your valuable equipment safe. Self-storage also allows you to easily choose a storage unit size that will be able to fit all of your equipment in an organized, easy-to-use way. Some self-storage facilities, such as Abba Self & RV Storage, also offer convenient vehicle storage. The variety of contractor storage unit options offers your business an affordable, efficient, easy-access location with a low, predictable cost, instead of the unforeseen repair or replacement expenses that can result from other storage methods.

Storage Organization Best Practices for Contractors

Using a self-storage unit can help you save time and money, and part of that is being organized for maximum efficiency. Make the most of your contractor storage unit by following some of these best practices.

  • Use shelves, tool chests/cabinets, and plastic bins in your storage unit for organization to help save time by keeping equipment in its proper place.
  • Remember to clean your tools, equipment, and vehicles before storing them to protect them from rust or other damage.
  • Store building materials properly and safely to avoid damage to the materials or accidents, for example, from improperly stacked lumber or bricks falling over.
  • If you have several people accessing the unit, a sign-out sheet for certain equipment or tools can be helpful, so that equipment can be located at any job site. Keeping inventory of your gear can also assist with locating equipment.
  • Contractors with seasonal equipment or materials can rotate these items within the unit throughout the year as needed.

Storage solutions for getting your gear from site to site and back to your storage unit can help keep your business as mobile and flexible as possible. Some tips from other contractors include using labeled plastic toolboxes for tools and accessories, using canvas bags for fasteners, installing shelves and adding anchor points in your truck bed, and building a shelf for your wheelbarrow to haul equipment from your truck to the site.


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