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Spring Cleaning Your Storage Unit

Spring means that it is time for green grass, fresh air, blooming flowers, and the most dreaded of all—spring cleaning. Now that you have already thrown open all the windows to let in the fresh spring air, you are probably in the middle of some house cleaning. So why not extend this year’s cleaning to your self-storage unit in Concord.

Self-storage facilities offer excellent environments for your belongings during the yearly transition. They are ideal for storing business-related items and provide the best solution for anyone seeking to declutter their home. The problem with many personal storage unit owners is that they forget to clean their units—especially those using a storage unit for long-term storage.

Why Clean Your Unit?

Cleaning a storage unit might seem a bit odd, but hear us out. Dust is the most common reason why people keep cleaning their homes. Nothing is more painful than brushing your white shirt against a dusty kitchen counter on your way to work. Therefore, it is essential to prevent the buildup of dust as much as possible.

Research also shows that dust has up to 45 toxic chemicals, some of which cause cancer. So if you do not clean your storage unit for the annoyance, at least do it for your health. Away from that, a lot of dust might cause some severe damages to the possessions stored in your unit.

Today we have some tips to keep your storage unit squeaky clean.

  • Declutter

Storage units are used to store things that we think we might need in the future. However, as time changes, so do our tastes and preferences. What you liked last year might not be what you want this year. In this case, you should throw away or donate what is no longer needed. You can find the nearest drop-off or donation point in Concord, CA, here.

  • Use Plastic Boxes

One of the best ways to keep the items in your storage unit dust-free is to store them in plastic boxes and elevating them from the ground by adding shelves. Plastic boxes are a secure, sealed environment for your items. They create an easy to clean environment in your storage unit.

However, you must check the contents of the plastic box before sealing. Any form of humidity might cause the growth of mildew or mold on the items stored within—especially if you are gone for a long time.

  • Keep Cleaning Supplies in Your Unit

If you have to carry your supplies every time you want to clean your unit, you are never going to keep it clean. As an alternative, it is worth your time maintaining a small compartment for the cleaning supplies. They do not even need to be anything major. A few wiping cloths, dusters, wet wipes, and brushes should cover everything you need for cleaning.

This way, you are more likely to do necessary cleaning every time you visit your Concord self-storage units.

  • Air It Out

A self-storage unit hardly has any proper air circulation. If you are cleaning after a very long time, make sure that your doors are wide open the whole time. This process will help get the damp air out and let in the cool fresh air.

Trying to clean out your unit by yourself can be difficult. If you can, ask for help from family and friends. Bribing them with treats always works. The more support you have, the better your chances of finishing cleaning your self-storage unit in Concord within no time.


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