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Self Storage units have many uses beyond personal storage space. If you own a business, a self storage may be the right option for your commercial storage space needs. If you have extra office furniture and equipment, inventory, or office supplies a self storage unit can help you declutter the office and optimize your office space.

Uses of Self-Storage for Businesses

There are several business uses of self-storage. Below are just a few ways in which using self storage can benefit your business:

  • Storage of Inventory and Raw Materials

If you are a retailer, you need space to store inventory to avoid running out of stock. If you are a manufacturer, you need sufficient space to store your raw materials to avoid inconveniences during the production process.

Self storage units can be rented for a short period of time. This is a great option for businesses, which carry varying amounts of materials or stock throughout the year.

  • Storage of Extra Office Equipment, Furniture, and Supplies

Almost every business needs a storage room for office supplies, ranging from stationery to toner cartridges for your photocopiers.

Some businesses also end up having extra office equipment and furniture, ranging from cubicle dividers to desks. For example, if you upgrade your IT equipment, you may end up having a full range of computer parts and peripherals, such as keyboards, mousse, monitors, printers, cabling, and hard drives among others.

Your business may accumulate extra office furniture and equipment due to attrition or new purchases. Instead of disposing of them, consider storing them for future expansion or as a spare for any breakage or malfunctions.

  • Off-Site Storage for Archived Documents

Some businesses still need to maintain and store physical paper documents. These documents end up being quite bulky and can occupy a large portion of your office space.  To help manage such documents, consider a self-storage unit specifically for document storage.

Business Self Storage in Concord, CA

Self storage units are an excellent option for every type of business. Contact us at (925) 969-9222 to learn more about your business self storage options in Concord, CA.

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