Are my stored items covered by insurance?

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For most people, self-service storage units are a secure place to store valuable possessions. Whether they want to store an antique collection or require car storage, the goal is to keep the items protected. However, unlike other valuables and assets, items kept in storage may not be covered by typical insurance policies and lack that additional layer of protection. If you are considering a self-storage solution, it may be beneficial to also consider verifying or obtaining insurance coverage.

Check your current policy

Accidents, crime, and natural disasters happen to everyone. We use insurance to help us recover losses when something unfortunate impacts us and our property. In the case of stored items, your existing home or renters’ insurance policy may cover them. You will need to ask if items that are not located at the main residence are covered. If they are not, most insurance agencies can extend your coverage with storage insurance. This subset of insurance coverage can help in the event of personal property damage, natural disasters, or theft if it occurs at your self-storage unit.

Look into alternative insurance providers

If your current home or renter’s insurance agency will not extend your coverage to your items that are stored off-site at a storage facility, or you don’t already have one of these forms of insurance, it is worthwhile to research agencies that provide storage insurance. If you are not sure where to start, the storage facility may have recommendations they have learned from other self-storage users, or they may offer storage insurance through their operations.

Storage options near you

Whether you are in the market for self-storage, auto storage, or a warehouse for rent in Concord, CA, Abba Storage offers a variety of safe and secure storage solutions. With multiple unit sizes and great prices, their team of professionals can work with you to meet your storage needs. Call today at 925-969-9222 to discuss your options.

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