Helpful Supplies for Organizing and Damage-Proofing Your Storage Unit

There are few approaches to keeping storage units organized. Instead of simply throwing your items in a storage unit, you can store your belongings orderly for safekeeping. The supplies you use will help you to prepare and place your items in your newly rented space. A little planning at the beginning and a few key supplies can go a long way to make it easier to access everything in your unit for the duration of your rental and to eventually move all your belongings out in an organized fashion when you no longer need self-storage services.  

Packing before you move in 

Four simple items that can be found at any packaging or office supply store can help organize your move in process: colored dot stickers, blank paper, sturdy waterproof boxes or containers, and markers. To begin, use the blank paper and markers to make a layout of your storage unit and plot the placement of your items. It is often helpful to place the items you will need to access more frequently toward the front of the unit and items you will not need, like furniture, toward the back. Next, create a color-coding system that groups your belongings and will make it easy for you to identify the contents of a box without needing to open it. For example, you might use pink dots for kitchen items, red dots for important papers, and green dots for items you will need to find easily. Pack your items in like groups in your waterproof containers and label them with the appropriate dot sticker.   

When you’re in your unit 

Though you’ve taken precautions to ensure the self-storage facility isn’t in a flood plain and your unit has no structural damage, it’s best to come prepared so you can safely store your important items, records and documents. For this reason, there are four more essential supplies you can purchase for safely storing your belongings: plastic sheets, metal or plastic shelving units, large soft cloth covers, and strong packing tape. In order to avoid the potential for water damage, you can keep your smaller boxes off the ground and organize them on the shelving units, colored-dot facing the entrance. It is also a good idea to thoroughly tape up your boxes with the packing tape to deter pests from finding a way in and making a home out of your valuable belongings. The plastic sheets offer another layer of protection and can be draped over the shelves and boxes. For furniture, it is better to cover them with soft cloths to reduce the risk of trapped moisture leading to mold or mildew growth. After using whatever combination of these strategies best suits your storage needs, you can rest easy that your belongings will be safe and organized in your unit. 

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